Mistletoe Miracles by Jodi Thomas

3 Perfectly Passionate Tales…


The Maverick Ranch:

Griffin Holloway and his 2 brothers are struggling. The Maverick Ranch has been in their family for generations but recently has become a money pit. With desperation to keep the ranch in their family, not ready to give up. Griffin and his brothers come up with a few ideas. The strongest idea being, one of them has to marry a wealth lady and fast. But will Marriage be the solution to all their money problems?



Jaxon has always been the town’s hermit, enjoying the quiet life.  Until one day Jaxon witnesses an awful car accident. Which may change his extremely peaceful life for the better.  Jaxon may not be the town’s hermit for much longer!



Jamie Johnson has perfectly settled into the small town of Crossroads, Texas. No more pesky, nosy, questions about her dating life and why she’s still not in a long-term relationship. This Christmas may change everything, when Jamie comes home to find an unexpected guest in her home. Now with the whole town asking questions, the only question Jamie has is, did she just find her mister forever?



5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely ADORED all three of these compassionate, breath-taking, unusual stories.

Each story was rooted in the quaint town of Crossroads, Texas. The perfect setting!

A dash of Griffin’s, tender, considerate, passionate side. With Jaxon’s protective, devoted, attentive side and Mr. Johnson’s compassionate, warm, worrisome side. You get a mix of all the best worlds with these men.

You will devour each story,  wishing you were able to live just one, if not all of these worlds. Each character has such a unique back story that will have you cherishing them all.

Highly recommend! This read will leave you with all the Christmas cheer.

Thanks for reading!

Your Fellow Book Worm


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