Indie Authors

IMG_2775Indie Authors!

Are so underrated !!!! — I just want to put that out there!

Joining the bookstagram community has really broadened my knowledge on a lot of things when it comes to reading! and here I called myself a true booknerd! Indie authors being one of them.

Indie authors are over looked time and time again. I have met some absolutely AMAZING indie authors over my last 1.5 years or so in the bookstagram community. Don’t worry I promise, I will leave a list below of some of my absolute favourites, that I have met so far. I mean I can’t not share that with my wonderful readers! A lot of these books have become some of my all time favourite reads EVER! And if you’re a “true booknerd” you know how much it means to be saying that!.

It takes a lot to step out into this brutally honest world with a dream, actually work toward fulfilling that dream and NOT giving up! For that I admire each and every author I meet! They are truly chasing their dreams and maybe with the help of our advanced social media world they will go all the way to the top. I mean they have to start somewhere right?

So….if you have ever over looked an indie author, whether they approached you or not. DON’T! Give them a try, I am not kidding when I say that each of the authors I am about to mention need to be nabbed up by an awesome publishing company and need to be in ALL major stores across the world. Some of them are already on their way with that.

To each indie writer that has reached out to me on social media, whether you asked me to read your book or not! THANK YOU! I am more than honoured and can’t wait to read more of your master pieces in the future!. Don’t ever give up on your incredible talent!



I hope to eventually do separate book reviews for the amazing novels I have read by each of these authors in the future. Keep you eye out for those.


Nathan Parker – Author of “The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson”

Michael Lackey – Author of “The Bad Seed” and “The Key of Knowledge”

Natalie Banks – Author of “The Dark Room”, “The Water is Wide” and “The Canary’s Song”

Donnalyn Vojta – Author of “The Teddy Bear Chronicles” Vol.1 – Hope in Paris and Vol.2 – Chloe’s Crusade

Author Anonymous – Author of “The Legends of Eve”  (My Review is already up!… GO check it out!)






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