Driven By Fire by Eden Rayna

Years of Piper’s life down the drain, when she finds her boyfriend in bed with another women. 

Angry and alone Piper finds herself on the side of the hwy ..on foot! Making her way to the small town of Fort McKay, Alberta. 

Brandon, a tech millionaire is fighting his own life battles. Decides trucking is the way to hide for the time being, until everything settles. 

Luck changes for them both when Brandon comes apron Piper on the side of the hwy. Worried for her safety, offers her a ride but knows there is little chance Piper will accept. Brandon follows her into town, not satisfied until he knows shes safe. 

Exhausted from being on the road and having an instant spark, the one time their eyes met. Brandon decides to spend a night at the same hotel. Before hitting the road again the next morning. 

Only due to the awful forest fires he finds out the hwy’s are closed and he will be spending a few more days in this small town himself.

Both fantasizing over each other and lust running through their veins. It doesn’t take long for the few small encounters they have to give them the push they need.

It’s clear they are meant to be together…… but how long will it take for them to realise it?

4.5 Stars out of 5

Wow!…. Hot, steamy, erotic, sensual, seductive. There are not enough words for me to explain how hubbahubba the sex scenes are! 

Eden knows how to write sexual moments that don’t become dry at any point! Not only that, the romance that ignites between them is so satisfying. 

Brandon is such a dream boat! I only wish I looked like Piper and was living her life in this moment!

A very wise person told me once…“Book boyfriends do it better”. I have to agree!

Thank you so much Eden for sending me an e-copy of your saucy novel to review. Brandon will always be a dearly remembered book boyfriend!

And of course thank you all for reading

Your Fellow Book Worm