Sculpt Yourself by SAVY

𝒲𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝒜𝓁𝓁 𝒥𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝒲𝑜𝓇𝓀𝓈 𝒪𝒻 𝒜𝓇𝓉


Ever wish there was a way to change a certain part of your body? … Perhaps a way that wasn’t as permanent as cosmetic surgery?

Imagine … 1 pill that could do just that.

All you have to do is take one, then you can start manipulating any extra fat you have on your body.

Move it to other areas…maybe give yourself a little more va voom!

Lipamorph: The drug that lets you sculpt yourself.

Amber is a 24-year-old tech support worker by day, gay feminist blogger (and bad-sitcom aficionado) by night. She’s been vocal about her disapproval of Lipamorph from the beginning, seeing it as another tool to reinforce patriarchal beauty standards; but as Lipamorph becomes more common, Amber’s dissenting voice starts to matter less and less.

Judie is Amber’s younger sister, and seemingly her complete opposite; she loves pop music, pretty latte art and dating men. After struggling with hating her body for most of her life, Judie has become borderline reliant on Lipamorph for self-confidence, much to Amber’s dismay.

 Kelly is an artist currently working for the marketing firm on the floor above Amber’s office. She’s whip-smart, proudly bisexual and strikingly beautiful…. and she’s the women Amber’s fallen in love with.

*** Character descriptions are not my own words. Taken from back of book itself….  this is one book that my words were not doing it justice**

“Sculpt Yourself tackles body image, LGBT+ topics and what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century”.

5 out of 5 stars

Sculpt yourself is so unique.

I savoured ever bit of this story. This is one that you don’t want to put down, yet don’t want it to end.

I thoroughly enjoyed that it was written from three different perspectives. I love multi perspective reads! It gives you a chance to really know each main character on more of a personal level. Which then helps you follow their story much more closely and really connect with each differently.

Savy truly created some of the most incredible characters. All such powerful women, yet they all have some type of insecurity. ….. I means who doesn’t in the real world?

Amber is passionate, outspoken and yet she can be very stubborn. Her love for the people close in her life is very admirable. I also love her laid back, easy-going style.

Judie is quirky, fun, softhearted but knows that she has her insecurities and knows what she needs in her life to help her get through those insecurities.

Kelly is intelligent, artistic and independent but scared of some choices she made in her past and tends to hide them. While she grows during the story she learns that this is something she needs to change and honesty truly is the best policy.

I couldn’t recommend Sculpt Yourself enough! It has a little bit for everyone.

“Beauty has gone from an ideal to an expectation.”


Now that I have shared my love for the story. I have to share my love for the author herself.

Savy is incredibly creative in so many ways and her success shines through. Her passions truly flood through her words. Whether it be by a piece she wrote or even while watching one of her BookTube videos! That’s right! You heard me right! Savy is an indie author that shares many of her passions along with writing with the book community.

Truly one of a kind, hard-working women that deserves so much love and support for everything she does.

Check her page out:

And of course thank you all for reading

Your Fellow Book Worm




Why have I not thought about sharing this on here?!?!?!….

Mid January I reached out to my fellow Bookstagrammers to see if anyone was interested in taking part in a book club through Bookstagram (Instagram). I had such amazing feedback and now we are one large book club family!

Our name …Back Of The Bookshelf Book Club! — One heck of an awesome group, if I do say so myself.

The first book we chose was for February’s read. Giving everyone a chance to get their hands on the book if they didn’t already own it.

We are currently reading The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang. This incredible read will be completed by the end of February.

Our group breaks the book up by chapters, reading so many chapters each week. Carrying the book throughout the full month. Each week we jump on Bookstagram  together and discuss that weeks chapters.

The discussions sure can get heated, in the best way possible. Just shows how passionate we are about what we are reading.

We have already picked our read for March!!!… The Lost Girls of Paris by the amazing Pam Jenoff.


If you are interested in reading along… please do! And please let me know you are, so I can be sure to discuss the book with you as well. If you are interested in joining our group you can find me on Instagram. My handle is nichi.i_readpastmybedtime. You can also use the hashtag #backofthebookshelfbc on Instagram to find us.

Look forward to seeing you! And I will come on here each month and share our next read.

And of course thanks for reading!

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Thank you HQN Books

A Huge Thank You to Harlequin Books (HQN Books)

HarperCollins Harlequin team (HQN Books) sent 3 new romance novels my way. That are all coming out so very soon! 

*** Please note these are not my official reviews, I have taken the synopsis’ from for the purpose of this post. 

Flare Up (Boston Fire) by Shannon Stacey

Published by Carina Press on January 29, 2019

Nursing a broken heart while everybody around him seems to be drowning in happiness has Grant Cutter wondering whether staying with Engine 59—or even Boston Fire—is in his future. It’s tempting as hell to pack up what fits in his Jeep and hit the road. But then a 911 call brings the woman who shattered his heart back into his life, and he knows he won’t ever be able to fully leave her in his rear-view mirror.

For a few months, Wren Everett had thought the nightmare of her past was behind her and she might live happily ever after with Grant. Until she got the phone call letting her know the time her ex had spent in jail for assault hadn’t cooled his temper or determination that she belonged with him. Cutting ties with Grant was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do, but it was also the only way to keep him safe.

Now that Grant is back, he’s not letting Wren push him away again. And even with the trust issues between them, Wren dares to hope she and Grant might have a future together after all…if they’re willing to fight for it.


The Object Of Your Affections by Falguni Kothari

Published by Graydon House on February 19, 2019

Two best friends rewrite the rules of friendship, love and family…and change everything they thought they knew about motherhood

Paris Kahn Fraser has it all—a successful career as an assistant district attorney, a beautiful home in New York City, and a handsome, passionate husband who chose her over having a family of his own. Neal’s dream of fatherhood might have been the only shadow in their otherwise happy life…until Paris’s best friend comes to town.

Naira Dalmia never thought she’d be a widow before thirty. Left reeling in the aftermath of her husband’s death, all she wants is to start over. She trades Mumbai for New York, and rigid family expectations for the open acceptance of her best friend. After all, there isn’t anything she and Paris wouldn’t do for each other.

But when Paris asks Naira to be their surrogate, they’ll learn if their friendship has what it takes to defy society, their families and even their own biology as these two best friends embark on a journey that will change their lives forever.


Stroke Of Luck (Sterling’s Montana) by B.J. Daniels

Published by HQN Books on February 19, 2019

He’s hoping to bury the past. She’s ready to settle the score.

The Sterling Ranch’s season opening isn’t going so smoothly. With the ranch’s lodge full of guests and a Montana blizzard threatening, Will Sterling needs help—and he needs it fast. So when his childhood friend Poppy Carmichael agrees to lend a hand, he’s grateful for a second chance…and more enticed by the woman she’s become than he cares to admit.

For Poppy, it was supposed to be a retreat full of horse rides and hoedowns—with a side of showing Will what he’s been missing all these years. But as the snow deepens outside, the guests’ suspicion and mistrust turn sinister inside, catching Will and Poppy in the cross hairs.

Weathering the storm in each other’s arms is all too easy for Will and Poppy, but will a confrontation with a killer mean their reunion is short-lived?



Keep your eyes out for these reads, hitting shelves very soon!

Thank you again to HQN Books for sending these my way. 

And of course thank you all for reading.

Your Fellow Book Worm


The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

Advanced readers copy



Sweet Juliette loves Nate!

Nothing in the world will stop her from being with him. Not even Nate breaking up with her, 6 months ago….

I mean who does he think he is? Doesn’t he realise what he just gave up?

Juliette knows she has met the love of her life. She will go to any length to be as close as possible, at all times. She even started working as a flight attendant with the same airline Nate works for.

Nate is just clueless and Juliette will show him! He will be hers!

“Stick to the plan, fail to plan, plan to fail”.

5 out of 5 stars

Such an easy, brilliant read!

I cannot believe this is Karen’s fist novel. She was meant to write!

I know that Juliette is deranged and really you shouldn’t be rooting for her but Karen wrote her character so so well. I found at times I was feeling bad for her and the situation she was in. That is when you know you have discovered an amazing author, when they can make you feel, even for the “bad guys” in the story.

This book was so intense! Just when I thought I had figured out where the story was going a twist was thrown in. This happened multiple times throughout the novel. Karen’s writing constantly had me stretching my brain, so many incredible shifts in the story! Yet even with the fast pace, exciting story I  kept up throughout. Karen’s writing was so smooth and flawless.

I am excited to see what Karen creates next!

“I don’t believe that opposites attract; I’m sure it’s a myth”.

Thank you so incredibly much to HarperCollins Canada for sending this riveting read my way.

Publisher: Graydon House

Release Date: December 31, 2018

“Revenge is a dish best served cold, and mine is going to be frozen”.

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours, If they don’t, make them”. 

And of course thank you all for reading!

Your Fellow Book Worm

– Nichole

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.


Stand-alone Books

Oh where or where are you?….

I recently uploaded a Bookish Thoughts video on my BookTube channel talking about stand-alone books.

Now please keep in mind these thoughts you are about to read are just my own. I may be completely off on my opinion. This is all in fun and I am just ranting my head off. Feel free to jump in with your opinion on the subject, perhaps you will make some strong points and will sway my opinion to the better. Maybe you agree?… Perhaps you will think I am crazy and just shake your head at me. It’s all good… as it’s all in fun!

Has anyone else noticed how so many books coming out are the 1st in a new series?… Is anyone else becoming over whelmed with their never-ending, slowly talking over the world TBR list?

I find myself searching more and more for stand-alone books. I don’t see them too often anymore especially when it comes to certain genres, such as Fantasy.

I understand that authors become passionate about the worlds they create and want to carry them on. Yet sometimes I just want to be able to consume a book, capturing the whole entire world and story line in just that one book, then hold it near and dear to my heart.

Now don’t get me wrong  there are so many duology’s, trilogy’s and series that I love and can’t get enough of. Then there are some books I think one would have been enough… or why can’t more books that come out be just a stand-alone.

Now I honestly don’t know much of the author world or publishing world. Sometimes seeing so many new series being released makes me wonder if it’s the passion I talked about above with the world an author created or has it become more of a money hungry theme. Are authors pushing out books because they are excited to tell the whole story they have been building up in their head for years?, is it all about more money?, are they feeling pressure from publishing companies to carry on with it?…. Do you know? Because I don’t. Maybe it’s a mix of it all?….. Hmmm.

I also find a lot of books currently on my shelf that are the first in a new series are from book subscription boxes. Getting me hooked and wanting more, knowing I will need to pick up the second book. Where then the company will of course create a special edition box with the second book when it releases.

Just so many series to read!!!!!!…… Oh the anxiety … haha. Boy I sounds so dramatic.

Could it be the book community I am consumed in just doesn’t talk much about stand-alone’s and perhaps there are so many amazing ones out there I am missing out on?… Uh Oh .. I may be adding to that never-ending list again.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my crazy book nerd rant.

Your Fellow Book Worm




Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane by JoAnn Ross

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Jolene Wells is forever indebted to the mother who encouraged her to fly—all the way to sunny LA and a world away from Honeymoon Harbor. Although Jolene vowed never to look back, returning home isn’t even a question when her mom faces a cancer scare. Which means running into Aiden Mannion all over town, the first boy she ever loved—and lost—and whom she can barely look in the eye.

Aiden’s black-sheep reputation may have diminished when he joined the marines, but everything he’s endured since has left him haunted. Back in Honeymoon Harbor to heal, he’s talked into the interim role of police chief, and the irony isn’t lost on the locals, least of all Aiden. But seeing Jolene after all these years is the unexpected breath of fresh air he’s been missing. He’s never forgotten her through all his tours, but he’s not sure anymore that he’s the man she deserves.

Despite the secret they left between them all those years ago, snow is starting to fall on their picturesque little town, making anything seem possible…maybe even a second chance at first love.

***Synopsis copied from***

3.5 Stars out of 5

At first I had such a hard time keeping up on what was happening and who was who in the story. So many characters introduced all at once and a couple large character backgrounds that threw me off.

I am so happy I stuck through the first chunk. The story started to grow on me and the characters became so sweet and heart warming.

It seems some aspects of the story are going in a negative route, until a twist on the story giving you all the happy feels.

Also, no one can say they won’t fall in love!… this was shown so well with Jolene. She never thought the relationship or family life was in her future. Until her past love Aiden crossed her path again.

Cute, fuzzy read!

Thank you to HQN for sending this cozy read my way!

Publisher: HQN Books

Release Date: October 30, 2018

And of course thank you all for reading!

Your Fellow Book Worm

– Nichole

Snowfall On Lighthouse Lane

Season Of Wonder by Raeanne Thayne

“It’s a long way from New York to Idaho….but could they have found a home at last?”

Dani didn’t have the easiest childhood, she didn’t always make the best decisions in her adult life either.

Determined now to make a better life for not only herself but her two incredible daughter’s 13-year-old Silver and 6-year-old Mia. Dani takes the leap making what seems to be the best choice for the family and moves them to Haven Point, Idaho.

With some welcomed changes and not so welcomed. Silver is unhappy and starts to get into some trouble of her own. She may even get herself in trouble with her neighbour who happens to be Deputy Sheriff Ruben Morales.

Ruben makes a point in doing anything he can to help Silver, as he sees what type of person she truly is inside. But Dani and Ruben’s joint concern for her daughter only brings them closer and closer.

Showing a glimpse of the completed family they could be.


5 out of 5 stars.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Full of twists and turns and many obstacles when it comes to Dani’s oldest, Silver.

Some relationships are on the mend while others are just starting.

Dani truly adores her children and would do anything for them, even if it means she passes up what she truly wants. But her daughters don’t want that, they want their Mom to be every bit as happy as them. Which is just what Ruben is to Dani… the exact meaning of happy.

Such an adorable read, anytime of the year, even if it is set around the Holiday season

Thank you to HQN books for sending this heart warming read my way.

And of course thank you all for reading!

Your Fellow Book Worm

– Nichole

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A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas by Maisey Yates

“It’s Christmas in Gold Valley, and this wounded widower is about to get another shot at love…”

Grant Dodge has not yet found any women who lives up to his late wife. Always feeling as i

f any women he meets pities him and his past. He had excused the idea of love in his life anytime soon.

McKenna is lonely, growing up, not having a family of her own. But McKenna has found her birth father after all this time and has come to Gold Valley to confront him face to face.

Any chance these two were destined to meet? Will Grant see the sparks fly again? And will McKenna find a new, more perfect family to be apart of?



4 out of 5 stars

Such an adorable holiday story.

Grant seems so lost, so cold and completely shut off. But McKenna’s spicy, stubborn, direct personality really grabs hold of Grant and shows his true colors. It certainly helps that McKenna has no idea of Grant’s past. Helping them build a truly memorable connection.

One to add to the list! Grab hold of it!… read it now or hold on to it for next years holiday season!

Thank you to HQN books for sending this heart warming read my way.

And of course thank you all for reading!

Your Fellow Book Worm

– Nichole

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The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan

The Perfect McBride Christmas

Can they make this the Christmas their Mother has always dreamed of?

— “In the snowy Highlands of Scotland, Suzanne McBride is dreaming of the perfect cozy Christmas. Her three adopted daughters are coming home for the Holidays and she can’t wait to see them. But tensions are running high…”–


Suzanne has been dreaming of having all three of her daughters home together for Christmas.

Hannah is a workaholic that always seems to have an excuse but knows she can’t hide this year. Besides she has a big secret she needs to get off her chest.

Beth is a busy stay at home Mom that is struggling with the thought of entering into the working world again, but can she leave her daily duties at home with her children she adores?

And Posy has a dream she wants to sink her toes into more than anything in the world, but knows she is counted on at home.

Will the magic of the Christmas season bring these sisters together and make their special bond even stronger?


5 out of 5 stars!

Sarah Morgan truly is a gifted writer.

The Christmas Sisters was such a charming Christmas Story. I didn’t want to put it down.

Each character is written so beautifully and the whole story flows flawlessly.

Absolutely heart warming and full of so much warmth and love.

The already strong relationships there and those that are strengthened throughout the story are stunning.

I definitely recommend this read! ANY-time of the year. But if you get the chance to pick it up during the Holiday season be prepared to feel all of the Christmas joy and cheer.

Absolutely  SPECTACULAR.

Thank you to HQN Books for sending this amazing read my way.

And of course thanks for reading.

Your Fellow Bookworm

– Nichole

The Christmas Sisters
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