Daughters Of The Lake by Wendy Webb

“The clues to a century-old murder lie in one woman’s dreams.”

Kate Granger’s marriage has fallen apart.

In desperate need to get away and piece herself back together, she fleas to her parents home on Lake Superior.

Only things don’t get easier for Kate while she’s back home.

Shortly after she gets settled in, a body of a murdered women washes up into the shallows and she’s not alone. Wrapped up in her vintage gown is a baby, just as calm and at peace as her mother.

No one can identify this women and her child. Expect for Kate, to scared to tell anyone. But she has seen her before!… In her dreams…

“The ghosts of the past come calling in a spellbinding heart-stopper from the “Queen of Northern Gothic.”

5 out of 5 stars

Wow! What a way to end my 2018!

Honestly that’s all I feel I need to say! I think saying that speaks for itself. But the passion I now have for this book…. I won’t be able to stop talking about it for years to come.

Daughters Of The Lake was incredible and impossible to put down. Truly one of a kind.

I feel embarrassed to admit I have never read anything by Wendy Webb before, but she has now gained a new dedicated fan. Her writing is absolutely brilliant and needs to be on everyone’s shelves.

Throughout reading Daughters Of The Lake I felt as if it was based on a true story. It is just way to descriptive not to feel real. This all made sense while reading the acknowledgements. Wendy mentions how often people ask if her books are based on real life people. She goes on to say that the answer is no, not entirely. She uses snippets of conversations or a description here and there. But that at times she can identify one of her characters as being exactly like someone she knows.

I can sense Wendy’s warmth and passion for writing, truly stunning.

Highly recommend. If you are a book lover this is definitely one to add to your list to pick up this year.

Thank you so incredibly much to Thomas Allen Ltd. for sending this fascinating read my way.

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Release Date: November 1, 2018

And of course thank you all for reading!

Your Fellow Book Worm

– Nichole

Picture from my Bookstagram: https://www.instagram.com/nichi.i_readpastmybedtime/

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