And Then You Were Gone by R.J. Jacobs

Advanced Readers Copy 

“How can you save someone else if you can’t save yourself…”

Emily Firestone finally has a handle on her future. Struggling for years with her bipolar disorder, she is now in control and dominating every aspect of her life. A great job, a place to call her own, and an incredible boyfriend, Paolo.

When Paolo wants to whisk Emily away on a weekend sailing trip. The perfect get away in his eyes. Just the two of them… on the water. Emily accepts, who could resist this marvellous mini vacation.

The weekend starts off perfect. Until the next morning when Emily wakes all alone. Paolo is nowhere to be found. Emily doesn’t understand, he is an amazing swimmer. There is no way he could have drown.

Once Emily’s feet are back on dry land her desperate search for Paolo is well underway.

Days pass and he is still missing. Emily finds herself starting to slip back into her old ways. Depression slowly taking its tight grip all over again.

Until some evidence comes to light that Paolo may not have drown but murdered.

Now Emily is not only fighting her own mania but trying to clear her name, as she is the number one suspect in the disappearance of her boyfriend.

What will happen next? Will Emily lose all she has worked so hard for?


4 out of 5 stars

And Then You Were Gone is a heart pounding, teeth clenching, psychological thriller.

With so many thrilling twists and turns you can’t possibly have an idea what is going to happen next. It will have you gripping to the edge of your seat.

R.J. Jacobs is a psychologist in clinical practise. He also performs PTSD evaluations for veterans. Have you ever heard the term “Write what you know?” That is exactly what he has done, and it couldn’t be more brilliant.

If you are a thriller lover this novel is for you.

Absolutely sensational.

“Being bipolar just means I get a lot done.”


Thank you so incredibly much to HarperCollins Canada for sending this fascinating read my way.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Release Date: March 12, 2019


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