Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

Xiomara isn’t your typical teenager. Although she wants to be.

Struggling while her body starts changing into a women’s. Trying to find herself while living under her parents roof. With her mother’s strict rules, and families religious beliefs. She finds herself questioning their beliefs while becoming more guarded, keeping her feelings to herself.

Twin, her brother seems to be the “better child” in her parents eye’s but Xiomara knows better. Even though she knows her brother has his own secrets, she is very protective of him and doesn’t want to shade the way their parents see him. Even if this means she may fall into more trouble while protecting him.

Xiomara turns to writing her thoughts and feelings down. Invited to attend a slam poetry class. She finds her true talent that provides the perfect outlet. Giving her a chance to take that deep breath she deserves while venting all her locked in feelings.

Then along comes Aman, the perfect crush that turns into so much more.

Now Poet X has two things she needs to keep hidden from her Mother, slam poetry and this cute, cute guy.


5 out of 5 stars

Elizabeth amazed me with this novel.

Unlike any coming of age story I have read. It is so uniquely written all in poetry format. This intrigued me immensely. Although I will admit there was a part of me that wondered how such little words on a page could paint a full picture in my mind.

All of my doubts were wiped out within the first few pages.

Xiomara’s story is so beautifully written. The whole story flows perfectly leaving you wanting more with every page.

A truly stunning read.


*** Photo from my Bookstagram account. Check it out nichi.i_readpastmybedtime

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