Canadian Author – Steena Holmes

It truly says something when you pick up your first book by an author, read only a couple of chapters into the book and know right away this author will be one of your all time favourites!

This was Canadian author – Steena Holmes for me.

When I came into contact with Steena I felt awful. I had never heard of her or anything she had written. To me this is a problem as I do believe so many Canadian authors are underrated and over looked.

I started to look into Steena’s work and realised very quickly how amazing each and every one of her novels sounded.

Soon after, Steena had let me know she was going to be in my area for a book signing at my absolute favourite book store Chapters Indigo! I didn’t have to think twice… I was there!

As soon as I walked up to her, she knew right away who I was and was so incredibly sweet! We talked forever and I felt like I was talking with a new great friend who also had a love of reading. I learnt so much more about her personally but also about her work!

Each of her novels has a piece of her within it whether it was a situation she had experienced first hand, her daughters helping her piece together a book, a novel based on her home town, etc. That made me fall in love with her writing before I had even read anything.

I picked up three of her novels during her signing and of course had to grab a couple extra copies of her most recent novel to share the love.

Finding Emma her very first novel. A heart-felt story about a women named Megan whose daughter Emma was abducted at the young age of three. Now 2 years later and Megan still sees her daughter in every blonde haired, blue-eyed little girl she sees. Megan knows that her daughter is still alive and is not willing to give up on finding her.

Megan’s desperation of finding Emma is taking its toll on her relation with her husband and her two older daughters.

*** This story is written in dual perspective, which I love. Megan’s side with her fight to find her daughter and the side from whom now have Emma.

I fell in love with each character in very different ways and one character in particular still glows in my heart to this day and will forever be a favourite!

But I am not willing to tell who! .. Sorry. You will have to read the story for yourself and I am sure you too will fall in love with them.

The Memory Child a heart breaking yet extremely warming story of an almost perfect couple fighting their own mental battles of knowing when its the best time to start a family while also keeping their careers strong. But to their surprise life has already made plans for them.

When Brian finds out his wife Diane is pregnant he is full of excitement, passion and won’t let Diane think anything other than positive thoughts when it comes to their unborn child. Although Diane is having a hard time coming to terms with the pregnancy.

Brian is forced to make a hard decision that will affect him and his career for the better but means he will be leaving his wife and unborn child in order to do so. This is where their love story takes a turn.

** Again The Memory Child is another story that I couldn’t recommend more. It gave me all the feels, even had tears welling up in my eyes feeling as if I was part of this journey myself. This book truly tugs at your heart-strings, and if you are a mother or have ever experienced the struggle conceiving and/or child-birth. Please pick The Memory Child up!.

The Forgotten Ones is Steena’s most recent novel. This dark story follows a girl named Elle who discovers the “fairy tales” her mother has been feeding her about their family history is not so magical after all.

Elle is a hard-working nurse, who comes into connection with a man on his death-bed who she finds out is her grandfather that she was lead to believe was dead all this time. The truth about his past and Elle’s mothers upbringing comes into light and Elle’s true strengths are put to test.

*** This book was so deep and dark, and shows that every family has a little something to hide, not one family is perfect.

Again one that is a must read.

All three of these books were 10 out of 5 stars for me! That is how much I loved them. I can’t wait to pick up each and every single one of Steena’s novels and devour them all the same. Steena’s  breath-taking writing will always have a home with me. If you have not had a moment to pick up something from her, this is the time.



***Photo from my bookstagram account nichi.i_readpastmybedtime — Check it out 🙂 ***


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