The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. I – Hope in Paris by Donnalyn Vojta

Kelly Donovan has met the love of her life, Mark Flannery.

One day some unusual things about her steamy boyfriends past start coming to light. Making her start to second guess this dreamy relationship.

Kelly being the intelligent women she is it doesn’t take her long to start piecing together her worse nightmare. Now she needs to find a way to get as far away from Mark as possible before their “romantic”  anniversary get away to a woodsy cabin. 

Mark may just be the most dangerous man Kelly has ever met.

Will Kelly be successful? Will she trick Mark into believing everything is just fine until she finally escapes? Will Kelly’s friends and family also be in danger?


THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDINARY THRILLER!. This book probably has the most amazing, most unusual narrators ever…. TEDDY BEARS!

The Teddy Bear Chronicles is a must read. I absolutely loved reading from the perspective of stuffed animals. It is probably one of the most unique point of views I have ever read from. 

Donnalyn’s writing is so witty and fun. The emotions you experience throughout this book is phenomenal. One moment I am busting a gut laughing, next thing you know I am stiff as a board panicked on whats going to happen next. Oh and the connection you form with the characters will most definitely stick with you.

I have never read anything like this, such a neat concept. Once you have read Hope In Paris it will leave you with such a book hang over desperately wanting more. But don’t you worry the second book “The Teddy Bear Chronicles Vol. II – Chloe’s Crusade” came out July 20, 2018. So once you have finished book 1 you can move right on and binge read the second. 

And may I say you will think the first books is amazing but the second book only gets better!

I have no idea how Donnalyn does it! AND She left the second book on such a cliff hanger I am patiently waiting book three!

Please note this book is not for young readers. If you have not picked it up, you need to. I will be sure to leave a goodreads link below as well as a link to Donnayln’s instagram. 


***Please note in my photo the title says “Saved In Paris”. I  purchased book one prior to a title change around the same time book two was released. Book one is now titled “Hope In Paris”.thumbnail_IMG_8804



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