The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson by Nathan Parker

For most of his life Tommy Dawson has been told his father, Timothy Dawson ran out on him and his family when Tommy was only 2 years old.

Timothy’s disappearance had such a negative effect on Tommy’s mother and older brother Derek. Leading them into a bad drug and alcohol addiction. Which isn’t hard for them to get their hands on in this corrupted town of Granville. Over the years, Granville has been taken over by the drug king pin who goes by “Smiler”.

Now 14 years later 16-year-old Tommy still struggles with not knowing what happened to his father, he refuses to believe he truly walked out on them.

With Tommy’s best friend Kirsten by his side he starts to dig deep for answers. But Tommy and Kirsten need to be careful, as uncovering some information is heading them into a quickly spiralling danger with the wrong people. 


This read was absolutely stunning. Nathan Parker is such a talented indie author. If you read my post mentioning some of my favourite indie authors, you may remember Nathan’s name popping up.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nathan through my bookstagram account. When I found out he was writing as a hobby. I was so excited and told him to let me know when he finishes his book. I wanted to read it!

The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson has easily become one of my favourite reads of all time. You can’t help but just devour this book. The realistic feeling in this book is unbelievable, these are things that truly happen day-to-day in drug and alcohol saturated places all over the world. 

You can’t help but fall in love with Tommy, his family and not to mention his best friend Kirsten. Kirsten is such a fire cracker and is so admirable. You relate with all the characters in one way or the other.

The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson truly is a roller coaster of a read. It will not disappoint,  keeping you deeply engaged throughout the entire read. 

AND!!!! it is just book one of this amazing YA series. How amazing is this?

If you haven’t got your hands on this book yet, you need to! 


The Disappearance of Timothy Dawson


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