The Legends of Eve by Anonymous

The Legends of Eve – Author: Anonymous

Expected Book Release: January 27, 2019

Goodreads for The Legends of Eve:

First official book review on my new book blog!.. Yay.

What a great way to start off my book reviews on my new blog. The Legends of Eve was 5 out of 5 stars for me!

Author Anonymous approached me on Instagram asking if I would be interested in reading a E-ARC copy of this book, for an honest review and I gladly accepted.

First before I get into my quick review on this book, I just want to give you a little history on what the author went through to get where they are.

The Legends of Eve is 20 years in the making!… 20 years! At age 12 the author promised themselves that they would never give up on this story. By age 15 the author had 5 subject notebooks filled with notes and ideas.  Hitting many snags and complications along the way, drawing them into a different path in life. But this didn’t stop them and they were pulled back wanting to completing the first book to a 7 book series! more then ever.  And it was all worth it!

The Legends of Eve follows your main character S’rae. A lonely, bitter girl that doesn’t have any family or friends of her own, but don’t let that fool you. S’rae is smart, hard headed and doesn’t give a care in the world as to what others may think of her (This trait is so admirable).  She is one picked out of a small group of only 12 students chosen to visit the Valley of Gaia, where they will learn magic and SO much more! No one has seen the valley of Gaia in over 3000 years!

While following S’rae’s journey, in this breath taking magical world of Gaia. She follows a book that is found, the story of Destrou.

Destrou was born decades before S’rae and while reading his story S’rae finds that she has the ability to effect its world, and change the words of Destrou’s story.

This magical ride of a story is written from dual perspectives of both S’rae and Destrou.

I found The Legends of Eve to be such an enchanting story. I mean who doesn’t love a book filled with magic. There is something so relate-able about the characters, making you almost feel as if your the one visiting the valley of Gaia. 

The Legends of Eve pulls you in. You fall in love with each one of the characters and explore this amazing, colorful, fascinating world that has been created. 

I can’t believe this story was 20 years in the making! All I can say is it was well worth it. I soaked up every word and can’t wait for the next book and to follow this story further. 

Ohh and don’t even get me started on the cover!…Ohhhh the cover…GORGEOUS!


4 thoughts on “The Legends of Eve by Anonymous

    1. It really was an excellent read! I believe I know the authors name only as it shows up when receiving the ARC. But of course I will help hide their privacy until they choose to announce it! 😉. But it does make it much more mysterious, doesn’t it?!?!?…


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