The Journey Begins!

Thanks for joining me today!

Hello my fellow book worms!

I am new to this, so be patient.

I am a 31 year old YOUNG! (haha..) full time working, wife and mother of two amazing boys! My most favourite thing to do during my free time aside from spending time with my wonderful family is reading! (that is if I ever have free time..haha!)

Being an avid reader is absolutely amazing. Expanding your imagination and entering world after world with each and every book you pick-up. Except……it comes along with so many thoughts tumbling around in your head each and every day!. I have a bookstagram account which is great for sharing gorgeous photos of all the amazing books in the world. I have a BookTube channel which is great for sharing book hauls, TBR lists and wrap ups. But I needed an outlet to spill all my thoughts on page. I figured starting a book blog was the best way to do just this! While getting to share everything with others that may actually understand my crazy book addict thoughts!.

I am NOT great at writing…. (clearly why I am not an author) but I will do my absolute best to entertain! and I hope you choose to stick around.

My plan for this blog is book reviews, book subscription boxes, bookish items, bookish thoughts, bookstagram, BookTube, and all the book talk you can imagine.

If you are up to sticking around for all this crazy, wacky, fun. I would LOVE to have you!



I am always up for any suggestions you may have on what YOU would like to read about.


You can find MAGIC wherever you LOOK. Sit back and relax all you need is a BOOK! – Dr. SeussIMG_2883


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